If you want to help cure arthritis

Dear friends

On Sunday, November 5, I will be running 26.2 miles in the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. I am running on the Arthritis Foundation team in support of the 50 million people, including 300,000 children, who live with arthritis pain every day.

I set a goal to raise $3,000 and I need your help. With your donation, the Arthritis Foundation leads cutting-edge research, advocates for access to the critical medications, and provides life-changing information and resources to help people like me live a full life.

$25 – Your gift helps provide educational materials and online information so that people with arthritis can live better with this debilitating disease, which strikes one in every five Americans.

$50 – Your gift helps address the needs of the 300,000 kids diagnosed with arthritis, including educational opportunities, camps and other support to help manage their condition.

$100 – Your gift helps advance scientific research, making possible new breakthrough discoveries for better treatments to reduce arthritis pain and increase mobility.
$250 – 
Your gift helps make arthritis a national health priority through our advocacy efforts, pushing for policies and laws that protect arthritis patients and their families.

$500 – Your gift helps accelerate research to end arthritis pain and disability, unlocking other funds that can multiply to thousands, even millions, of dollars to cure this terrible disease.


You can support me in two ways:

  1. You can visit my personal fundraising site to make an online donation:




  1. You can write a check to the Arthritis Foundation and mail it to:

Arthritis Foundation

Olga Petryna’s Marathon Campaign

122 East 42nd Street, 18th Floor

New York, NY 10168

I joined the Arthritis Foundation’s TCS New York City Marathon Team to help create a world where people don’t have to struggle to button their shirt, tie their shoe or pick up their child or grandchild. Your support can help me make a difference.



Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire – get your diagnosis right

Life with Fibromyalgia can be challenging. It takes hard work, discipline, and the willingness to make lifestyle changes and a large dose of attitude adjustment. In order to achieve those result, one must start with a correct diagnosis.

The FIQ was developed from information gathered from patient reports, functional status instruments, and clinical observations. This instrument measures physical functioning, work status (missed days of work and job difficulty), depression, anxiety, morning tiredness, pain, stiffness, fatigue, and well-being over the past week. – See more at:  About FIQ 

Bring your questionnaire to your next visit:  FIQ

Life without arthritis

Imagine every morning being a battle to start your day, every night being a battle to fall asleep, and every moment of your day being a battle with constant pain – that is life with RA. We fight to end this battle. I will run 26.2 mi on November 6th to help fight arthritis. Your small contribution to our cause will help to make another step towards a cure.

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